Scale AI acquires SiaSearch to give companies the same data engine superpowers that Tesla has – Yahoo Movies Canada

Scale AI has acquired a small startup that could help expand its reach in Europe and speed up development of its newest product.
Financial terms were not disclosed.
SiaSearch, which spun out of European venture studio Merantix, has built out a data management platform that acts as a search engine for petabyte-scale data captured by advanced driving assistance and automated driving systems. The startup, which is already working with automakers like Volkswagen and Porsche, is able to automatically index and structure the raw sensor data collected by fleets of vehicles.
That capability fits in nicely with Scale AI's existing technology. Scale uses software and people to label image, text, voice and video data for companies building machine learning algorithms. It initially launched to provide autonomous vehicle companies with the labeled data needed to train machine learning models to develop and deploy robotaxis, self-driving trucks and automated bots used in warehouses and on-demand delivery. The company has long since expanded beyond data labeling and is now more of a data management platform. It's also serving other industries such as government, finance, e-commerce and enterprise and is now working with companies like Airbnb, DoorDash and Pinterest.
Berlin-based SiaSearch could be particularly beneficial in the build out of Nucleus, which Scale AI co-founder and CEO Alexandr Wang has previously called "the first product of our future." The plan is to fold the team into the Nucleus effort, according to Wang.
Nucleus is an AI development platform that Wang describes as the "Google Photos for machine learning data sets." The product provides customers a way to organize, curate and manage massive data sets, giving companies a means to test their models and measure performance among other tasks. SiaSearch allows Scale AI to accelerate its efforts and even expand the functions to support the entire machine learning lifecycle, Wang said.
The aim is weave SiaSearch's tech into Nucleus to offer a full data engine that any AI developer can use — even outside of automotive or AV tech. That could prove enormously useful to any company — including robotics companies and automakers — that needs to not only capture, label and organize data, but also to have additional tools to continually redefine what new kinds of data are needed to improve algorithms used in its products.
It's akin to what Tesla has done, Wang said, who pointed out the company spearheaded the data engine concept to help engineers improve the Autopilot advanced driver assistance system.
Wang said that automotive and robotics companies have struggled with how to make the most of the vast amounts of data, especially as its fleets of vehicles, robots or other devices expand. Merely uploading all of this data back into the cloud would cost literally billions and billions of dollars, Wang said.
"Basically what every AI team is really looking for, is how do we supercharge our machine learning development and accelerate our data set efforts, as much as as Tesla's been able to," he said. "We're just going to give them the same superpowers that Tesla has in terms of being able to constantly supercharge their algorithms with the most relevant, most interesting data from their mobile fleets."
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On Sunday, “60 Minutes” reporter Norah O’Donnell examined Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) which claims to invalidate all federal gun control laws and prohibits state and local cooperation with enforcement of those laws. Several members of law enforcement oppose the new law and surprisingly, so do many gun enthusiasts. “I shoot once a week, at minimum,” said Butler County prosecuting attorney Kacey Proctor. “My kids shoot. My seven-year-old owns multiple firearms. I am all in favor of responsible people owning firearms, and raising their children to own firearms responsibly…What I oppose about [SAPA], and what I would ask for, to be looked at and possibly fixed, is the ability for law enforcement officers to interact with their federal partners, to go after people who are violent in nature and are committing crimes in our community.” Poplar Bluff, Missouri police chief Danny Whiteley is one of many officers who oppose the new law. Without the aid of the federal government, he believes local investigators lack the data systems and resources to apprehend and prosecute criminals on gun charges. “Several policemen and sheriffs that we've spoken to have told us they think that this law benefits criminals,” O’Donnell told Whiteley. “Is that too strong of a statement?” “No,” Whiteley said confidently. “[I] don't think it does, I know it does.” State Representative Jered Taylor, who co-sponsored SAPA, was asked by O’Donnell if he would be willing to make some revisions to the law. “I'm not willing to even consider that at this point,” Taylor said. “But of course, I'm always willing to work with law enforcement and, you know, better understand the way that they operate and what they do.”
COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT No. 111/2021 Tvis, 8 November 2021 Transactions in connection with share buy-back programme As mentioned in announcement no. 77/2021, TCM Group A/S (”TCM Group” or ”the Company”) has initiated a share buy-back programme which will run from 26 April 2021 until 11 March 2022. During this period, the Company will buy own shares for up to a maximum of DKK 100 million under the programme. The share buyback has been set up and structured in accordance with the safe harbour rules i
The capital of the United Arab Emirates has issued new rules governing divorce, inheritance and child custody for non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi, the country's state-run news agency reported. The report Sunday by the WAM news agency said Abu Dhabi would create a new court to handle these cases, which will be held in both Arabic and English to be better understood by the emirate's vast foreign worker population. Change in child custody will allow parents to share joint custody of their children, WAM reported.
Ministers will tell water company bosses they need to do more to prevent raw sewage being dumped into rivers and the sea as MPs prepare to vote on the issue. The Government hopes proposals to legally require water firms to make a “progressive reduction” in dumping raw sewage into waterways will finally allow flagship legislation to clear Parliament. Environment Secretary George Eustice said a Government concession to be considered by MPs on Monday is “mirroring” what peers have already voted for in the Lords.
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Companies Profiled in the Market: Halliburton (U.S.), Schlumberger (U.S.), Core Laboratories (U.S.), SGS (Switzerland), Baker Hughes (U.S.), Weatherford (U.S.), Emerson (U.S.), ALS (Australia), Intertek (U.K.), CGG (France), NUTECH (U.S.), Tracerco Ltd (U.S.), Trican Well Service Ltd. (Canada), Expro (England)Pune, India, Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global reservoir analysis market size is projected to reach USD 11.96 billion by the end of 2026. The increasing oil and gas exploration a
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