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As the world becomes larger, it may seem logical to think that we will become more inconspicuous. For while by virtue of sheer numbers it would be easy to get lost in the crowd, given our technological age, we expose ourselves more every time we essentially touch our devices. If you’re looking to keep your information private every time you sign on to the network, it’s time you subscribed to RealVPN.
We all cherish our anonymity and privacy. Even those who sought fame and fortune have come to realize that being recognized every time they step out in public is more than they had bargained for. Many have gone so far as to disguise their identity to do even the simplest of errands. And while we may not be running in those circles and certainly no one may ever be tracking us down for our autographs, there are those lurking online who are more than willing to hack into your devices to hijack your usernames, passwords, and other personal information in order to break into your bank accounts, use your credit cards, abuse your social insurance number, among other nefarious deeds. Don’t think that just because you don’t do anything “wrong,” or you’re not particularly wealthy, or you continuously check your accounts that you will be immune. The sad truth is that no one is exempt from being exposed to online predators.
The good news is that you can easily protect yourself from would-be hackers by using a virtual private network. Not only will RealVPN encrypt all your data, giving you private and secure access to online services such as shopping and banking, but it will also give you total anonymity, hiding your identity when necessary. You will be able to surf the internet, be it through public Wi-Fi or with your internet service provider, with total freedom knowing that your browsing history will be fully private. You will also be able to gain access to your favorite websites and social media platforms, no matter where in the world you are.
There really can be no price put on privacy, but having said that, we are offering this must-have app for only $15.99 during our Green Monday sale. Normally valued at $249, simply enter GREEN20 at checkout, and you will receive lifetime access to RealVPN for a cost that can’t be beaten.
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