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With summer around the corner and the first half of the year coming to an end, Cline would like to share exciting activities and updates with you. This newsletter will focus on our cancer diagnostics project CellRACE. Together with our collaborating researchers, the team has made significant progress in validating the system for Cline’s data and is excited to move on to the next collaboration stage.
Progress is on track in AI cell tracking project
In a previous newsletter last year, we wrote about the exciting project to develop analytical tools based on deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI). By implementing advanced image analysis, tracking and deep learning algorithms to best harness the data and provide an accurate picture of a patient’s tumor.
As an introduction, Cline is developing CellRACE as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product to quantify the metastatic potential of tumor cells using advanced holographic microscopy for the monitoring of live cancer cells. The product works by exposing cancer cells to a unique surface-bound nanogradient of biomolecules, crucial in eliciting a migration response from cells with metastatic potential. The cells’ movement and behavior are measured and analyzed.
This collaboration aims to implement cutting-edge techniques to allow the tracking and quantification of the metastatic potential of hundreds of cells to be robust, real-time, automated, and non-disruptive. The first stage has consisted of testing how the deep learning algorithms can be used on Cline’s data and validating against previously achieved results.
Next steps for CellRACE
After the successful testing of tracking methods, the next stage of this AI project is to develop a software system that will allow fully automated tracking and generation of results in minutes. Once the next development phase is completed, the team will use this analytical method on a range of cells and cancer samples, allowing the algorithm to “learn” metastatic cell behavior from benign.
The analysis method forms part of the overall CellRACE project and its pathway to becoming a marketed product.  Once the analytical method and prediction algorithm has been completed, the next milestone in the CellRACE development journey will consist of conducting a pilot proof of concept study. Following this, continued product development and final product design will be completed before performing the necessary regulatory approval steps, such as a clinical performance evaluation.
Biostock Life Sciences Summit
On the 8th of June, CEO Patrik Sundh participated in Biostock Life Sciences Spring Summit. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it here.
We look forward to continuing to share Cline’s journey in future newsletters!
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