Mobile developer Nifty Games brings big sports content to small screens

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With a few exceptions, sports gaming has been the playground of the giants. With companies like 2K and Electronic Arts dominating the video game sports market for decades, there hasn’t been much wiggle room for anyone else. Nifty Games Jon Middleton, speaking at the GamesBeat Summit Next earlier today, wants to change that, and so far, it seems to be working.
“We saw a situation where there just wasn’t enough sports content that was really bespoke to the mobile platform,” says Middleton. “There are literally sports fans and fan bases constantly in search of that content, and if you can bring them something that’s authentic and scratches the itch then you’ve got a winner.”
Focused entirely on mobile gaming, Nifty has one thing going for them that many of their rivals do not – official NBA and NFL licensing. Peter Moore, industry veteran and once head of EA Sports, joined the company’s board earlier this year to offer experience and guidance. Speaking to the concept of delivering fast, on-demand gaming experiences with the authenticity of the sports licensing, Moore wants to deliver content anywhere at any time.
“On-demand is key and sports are not on-demand. It’s when they kick off or when tip off or the puck is dropped. It’s a whole different environment,” says Moore. “Sports, the leagues in particular, realize the value that we in gaming bring to them as regards engaging young fans in ways they literally can’t do with the game itself.”
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You can get into NFL Clash and NBA Clash on Android and iOS. Who knows, maybe you’ll even play against Peter Moore. For the full conversation and more information about Nifty Games, check out our coverage from the GamesBeat Summit Next.
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