Local FinTech Start-Up "TrendX" Launched Self-Developed Stock Market Forecast AI System Enable Users to Capture the Stock Market Trend – AsiaOne

TrendX was established in 2019 and it is a local FinTech start-up company providing stock market forecast AI system service to help investors to develop a quick, accurate and profitable stock investment strategy. "Trend" represents the stock market trend. "X" represents X-Ray, with the meaning of seeing through the stock market. "X" also represents "eXplore", with the meaning of exploration on the stock market. TrendX aims to use FinTech to have a betterment on stock investment and to serve the public.

Official website:

About TrendX Co-Founder
Co-Founder / Chief Technology Director – Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung graduated from the university in England. Philip was the associate director of the international advisory and technological department in the Bank of China. He has 15 years working experience in various bulge bracket firms, e.g. JP Morgan, UBS, Bear Stearns and the Bank of China. He has abundant experience on the development of investment transaction systems and autonomous quantitative strategy systems, and is proficient in transaction software platform development and financial system infrastructure construction.

The above is released by HelloReporter as a representative for TrendX .


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