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AI is often viewed as the death of creativity. Yet, as Maximilian Niemann, a director at Unit9 production company, points out, when machines are used in collaboration with humans, it may actually make for better work
Artificial Intelligence is not traditionally linked to the emotion-fuelled craft of creativity. Being perceived as a uniquely human skill, we love to think creativity remains the ultimate holy grail, impossible to replicate by a machine.
But the potential of AI has already been used in a creative capacity across the arts – writing song lyrics, applying painting styles – and lately now in cinema. Still, we hold onto to the belief that AI and data-driven processes ‘undoubtedly’ dampen the creative results and result in formulaic work.
For example, Warner Brothers has recently signed a deal with Cinelytic, whose smart technology can predict box office success before production even begins, and offers suggestions on the most profitable actors to use to boost popularity. But is repeating the same successful formula over and over again ever considered to be creative?
Looking at this topic from the perspective of filmmakers, let’s focus on the shades between black and white. What if AI was used to form a creative partnership where humans and machines work together, not against each other? Would it still spell doom for the future of cinema?
AI is often viewed as the death of creativity. Yet, as Maximilian Niemann, a director at Unit9 production company, points out, when machines are used in collaboration with humans, it may actually make for better work
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Aimed at four-five year-olds and focused on areas of the UK that have been particularly affected by the pandemic, Squirrels is the first new Scouts programme for 35 years
In the fight to gain attention for charities and grassroots causes, design and creative thinking is more important than ever. Here, we look at how creativity can engage people in causes and galvanise wider audiences
As a new book by Jeremy Myerson celebrates the inclusive design work of the Helen Hamlyn Centre, Patrick Burgoyne talks to him about what has changed in the past three decades
In 2002, photographer Lucas Foglia moved to Manhattan, and spent his spare time taking portraits in a city still recovering from the after effects of 9/11. A new book brings the images together for the first time
The photographer speaks to CR about how she aligns her photography with her values, which sees her explore themes of female identity, social injustice and power
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Part of its ongoing Drama Vs Reality campaign, Uncommon has taken the next logical step and created an online beat ‘em up game that pits TOWIE and Love Island stars against actors
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As influencer marketing continues to dominate our social media feeds, we explore how it is impacting more traditional areas of advertising and what exactly separates ‘creators’ from ‘influencers’
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