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Elemeno AI, a cloud-based machine learning company, announces the launch of its machine learning operations (ML-Ops) platform to help companies leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). It offers intuitive user experience (UX) for data scientists building ML models — from zero to one.
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Through its easy-to-use interface, the SaaS ML-Ops platform focuses on removing traditional engineering burdens. It automates various processes so that data scientists can focus on creative tasks as opposed to spending most of their time engineering. The center of the platform is a feature store, which is the key component to facilitating ML model development, deployment, and operation. With this, Elemeno AI’s ultimate goal is to simplify the process of creating AI applications for enterprises.
To use the platform, companies need to connect their data sources, such as AWS Redshift or Google BigQuery. The next step is to configure feature ingestion pipelines. Here, companies can adjust feature transformations and customize their feature tables. The platform automatically manages the storage, ensuring that only the most recent features are available at inference time while keeping the base feature data in cold storage to be used for training or debugging a model in production.
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The final step is deployment. Through Elemeno AI’s no-code solutions, companies can choose between supported frameworks, including Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit Learn, Keras, ONNX, and Tensorflow Lite. By linking the features in the deployed models, the platform removes the responsibility of model clients to calculate or keep a copy of the features needed. For example, were a model to be used in a mobile app, the developers would only need to send an identifier of the entity for which they need a prediction, and the platform would find the most recent features and apply those to the model.
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“Launching our public beta means getting one step closer to solving the intricacies that are causing companies to slowly adopt AI. According to the Stanford AI Index Report of 2022, the median overall adoption of AI in organizations around the globe was only 2p.p. when compared to the same period of last year. This is in contrast with the large number of investments made in the space. Elemeno ML-Ops is the first step to solving this problem. We’re offering $50 in free credits to the first 100 users that sign up on our platform,” says Lucas Bonatto, the CEO of Elemeno AI.
Elemeno AI empowers companies with cutting-edge technology currently used by industry leaders in a serverless, easy-to-manage, and user-friendly fashion. With ML becoming widespread, the platform tackles prominent implementation challenges, including the lack of end-to-end solutions that allow companies to manage the complete lifecycle of their ML models.
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