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A technology company is moving beyond fact and sentiment to emotion through its artificial intelligence (AI) analysis software to predict and affect decision-making.  
Dayton-based Cognovi Labs Inc. has developed its Emotion AI technology to measure what people feel about a given topic or situation and then what they will do next by quantifying the psychology of the human decision-making process.
“Human beings, we’re not as rational as we think we are,” said Beni Gradwohl, co-founder and CEO of Cognovi Labs, Inc.
He estimates about 90% of daily decisions are made by the subconscious mind, based on emotion.
Gradwohl said by understanding underlying emotions and extracting those communicated by a target audience, future decisions and outcomes can be predicted. He takes this concept a step further by suggesting that to some degree the trajectory of outcomes can even be changed.
The Cognovi Emotion AI and existing functionalities enables clients to understand how their audience will make decisions and anticipate what that means in terms of outcome and how to engage with them to change that outcome.
Cognovi’s Explorer software data mines and measures specific emotions from any textual and transcribable data from publicly available sources or internal company data. Gradwohl said the AI knows over 20 languages in order to accurately detect emotion in a native tongue, something often lost when translating between languages.
The Explorer software can then predict from emotions what decisions people will make and uncover the level of action readiness toward a particular company, product, brand, message or event. 
Finally, Cognovi’s Communicator software can determine the exact words, phrases and narratives to evoke precise emotions to shape the outcome. Gradwohl said clients can use the software to copy and paste potential text to be used in campaigns, websites, social media and more.
Gradwohl said his team is currently developing a sector of the Communicator software that recommends adjusted sentences in certain styles to purposefully evoke a desired emotion from the target audience. The technology utilizes 10 main emotions: joy, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, amusement, contempt, hope and trust.
Cognovi’s Emotion AI has applications geared toward three main sectors:
Some of Cognovi’s larger success projects — focusing on social responsibility — were during the pandemic. In 2020, the company released its Coronavirus Panic Index to help track and alleviate public anxiety. Soon following was the Vaccine Confidence Tracker which quantitively measured the public’s motivation toward the Covid vaccine.
In 2022, the Cognovi team is focused on accelerated growth as well as scaling their technology and related professional services, which help customers get the most out of their software.
Cognovi Labs technology was originally developed at Wright State University with funding from the US Air Force, the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. To find out more about the company and its offerings, visit the official website.
Cognovi Labs, Inc.
Headquarters: The Entrepreneurs’ Center in The Arcade
Founded: 2016
Employees: 30
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