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TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cybersixgill today announced its Investigative Portal and Darkfeed have been recognized as the best machine learning autonomous solution by the 2021 Tech Ascension Awards.
Cybersixgill autonomous threat intelligence solutions provide real-time contextual intelligence and the necessary insight into the nature and source of each threat. Analysts can leverage the best-in-market data collection of hundreds of millions of intelligence items from the deep, dark and clear web, including historical data dating back to the 90s, deleted posts, invite-only messaging groups, and millions of threat actors.
With custom alerting and monitoring tailored to each organization's assets and needs, Cybersixgill eliminates the information overload – empowering security teams by delivering relevant and actionable intel to create faster security processes, break organizational silos, reduce operational costs while increasing return on security investment.
The Tech Ascension Awards recognized the very best innovations in cybersecurity. The Tech Ascension awards judged over 500 cybersecurity applicants based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards showcased technology that solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.
"The only way cybersecurity can stay ahead of the threat curve is by leveraging autonomous technology that can deliver relevant intelligence in real time." said Sharon Wagner, CEO, Cybersixgill. "By understanding threat actors' network, expertise, and motivations, teams can build a complete intelligence picture and defend against data leaks, fraud, ransomware attacks."
"The proliferation of ransomware, nation-state threats, and an uptick in cybercriminal activity due to COVID-19 are just some of the factors that have made a strong cybersecurity defense paramount for every business that touches sensitive data," said David Campbell, CEO, Tech Ascension Awards. "We're honored to recognize these industry leaders that have demonstrated their ability to defend organizations with unique approaches, innovative technology, and world-class talent."
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About Cybersixgill
Cybersixgill's fully automated threat intelligence solutions help organizations fight cyber crime, detect phishing, data leaks, fraud and vulnerabilities as well as amplify incident response – in real-time. The Cybersixgill Investigative Portal empowers security teams with contextual and actionable insights as well as the ability to conduct real-time investigations. Rich data feeds such as Darkfeed™ and CVE insights from DVE Score™ harness Cybersixgill's unmatched intelligence collection capabilities and deliver real-time intel into organizations' existing security systems. Most recently, Cybersixgill introduced agility to threat intel with their CI/CP methodology (Continuous Investigation/Continuous Protection). Current customers include enterprises, financial services, MSSPs, government and law enforcement entities.
About the Tech Ascension Awards
The Tech Ascension Awards elevate companies that possess cutting-edge, innovative technology that solve critical challenges in their respective markets. Tech Ascension winners rise above the crowded consumer and enterprise technology industries and receive validation from an independent organization. Applicants are judged based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research (analyst reports, media coverage, customer case studies), hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators. The awards recognize leaders in cybersecurity, DevOps, big data and consumer technology. For information about the Tech Ascension Awards, please visit
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