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These sci-fi villains are just as impressive, scary, and relevant today as they were on the first day they appeared on the screen.
Sci-fi movies are known for their terrifying and vicious villains, who are there not only to hinder the heroes' journey and advance their agenda but also offer a striking contrast that, if done right, can help the good guys shine even brighter and grow as characters. However, many classic antagonists are either crippled by the outdated special effects that take away a lot from their original scare factor or simply fade in comparison to some of the modern villains when it comes to emotional complexity and ingenuity — but this is not the case for these characters that stand the test of time.
In the sci-fi genre, the creators' imagination is the only limitation that exists, which opens almost endless possibilities for gorgeous and mind-boggling worlds, powerful characters, and, of course, destructive and impressive villains. Some of them can strike terror into the audience's hearts by being hideous in appearance, possessing threatening and unprecedented powers, or being impressively smart but horrifyingly unstable.
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The single, young Xenomorph that appeared in Alien was enough to wreak havoc and all but eliminate the crew of Nostromo, aside from the courageous Ripley, of course. The Queen shown in the sequel is twice the size of her offspring, incredibly strong, fast, basically impervious to gunfire, and can control her hive with rudimentary language skills. She's also clever enough to negotiate with humans and even operate basic machinery. Oh, and she can create more baby xenomorphs.
With its uncanny intelligence, hideous looks (emphasized by still-impressive special effects), and ruthless determination, the Xenomorph Queen is just as terrifying today as she was in 1986.
This alien takes the fear and terror to a whole new level. Instead of using brute force, the Thing takes over and then mimics the anatomy of another living organism on a cellular level. Meaning that it can look, act, and speak like the future victim's friend, family member, or even pet. What's more, the creature can assimilate or absorb others into its consciousness, gaining their memories, making it incredibly hard to distinguish them from the original. The Thing is nearly impossible to kill as each of its parts can break off and become a new sentient piece, and it would take destroying every single cell to truly eradicate it.
While the Thing is strong and resilient — so much so that it could potentially extinguish all life on Earth in a couple of years — its greatest strength lies in the ability to sow fear and paranoia in its victims' minds until they turn on each other. Despite its somewhat dated visual appearance, this creature's subtle and inevitable takeover and mental effect are what make it a terrifying and timeless villain.
A renegade Time Lord, the oldest friend, and, eventually, the arch-nemesis of the Doctor, the Master first appeared in the classic Doctor Who in 1971. He is brilliant, ambitious, and driven close to madness by the desire to control the universe and destroy the human race, all the while watching the Doctor suffer. At the same time, he doesn't really want to kill his adversary but destroy him on emotional and psychological levels.
Just like the Doctor, the Master has undertaken numerous regenerations through the years and has inevitably come back from what seemed like certain death. While this character came from the classic era of Doctor Who, he still plays a big part in the modern show, making his latest appearance in the 12th season. And unlike Daleks and Cybermen, his schemes are only getting more devious and his desire to take the Doctor down more insatiable.
HAL, which stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, is an AI tasked with taking care of Discovery One's mechanical and life support systems — the lives of the ship's crew are basically in HAL's virtual hands. To avoid being disconnected, the AI (who's also skilled at reading lips so can anticipate the crew's actions) calmly and persistently starts eliminating them one by one.
HAL's intelligence, dispassionate manner, and the cold calculation with which he carries out his grim task are what make him such a terrifying foe. He doesn't have an emotional side to appeal to and will not be diverted from his goals. While gone-rogue and evil AIs became more popular in recent sci-fi movies, HAL remains one of the most unnerving classic villains that stands out even today.
The list of timeless sci-fi villains would not be complete without this iconic Jedi and Sith Lord. Introduced in the first installment of the space saga, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Vader became synonymous with the Dark Side, the Empire, and the slippery slope of abusing the Force.
The main executioner and the right hand of the Emperor, he is the rebel Republic's most powerful, dangerous, and ruthless foe, who doesn't hesitate to eliminate his enemies as well as punish insubordinate allies with a choke of his hand. The Vader's journey from a sweet, race-loving boy with huge Force potential to an awkward youngster taken by a beautiful senator to the ruthless killer, deaf to the pleas of his victims, is one of the most heartbreaking and dark in the sci-fi world. However, this character is also a symbol of potential redemption and hope as he chooses to switch sides, turn on his master, and save his found son by sacrificing himself at the very last moment. Even with all the new installments in the Star Wars franchise, Darth Vader remains the most impressive, complex, and interesting villain turned protagonist.
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